Over 65 years of Precision Manufacturing

DI-EL Tool was established in 1958 by Richard Ragone and his wife Elsie (Dick & Elsie hence the name DI-EL) on the premises of high quality, on time delivery, and low costs. In 1975 the company was acquisitioned by Arthur A. Bell Jr., who successfully maintained the original goals, with the help of his two sons Louis and Arthur.
In 1982 Arthur erected the first addition of the building, located at 69 Research Parkway in Meriden CT slowly building it into the almost 16,000 square ft facility that we still reside in today.
Now being run by a 4th generation we still maintain the original goals of being family owned and operated, remaining small enough to greatly succeed at OTD, quality, and most importantly customer service, but still staying up to date with the best manufacturing, engineering, and quality processes.
At DI-EL we have integrated our technology from the past to “propel” us well into the future. We have broadened our horizons from just aerospace, to working with customers in various fields, such as automotive, water filtration, electrical, medical, and agricultural.
We are truly proud of our history, and we are excited about our future!

Our History

Years of Experience

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